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Ursus Advisors are experts in title curative and will make it as easy as we possibly can on you, your time and your bottom line.

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A quick look at who we are and what we specialize in.

Ursus Advisors (URSUS) specializes in correcting or “curing” title issues on behalf of lenders, oil companies, probate estates, real estate investors and individual landowners/buyers nationwide.  We handle title issues related to real estate, automobiles, commercial properties and mobile homes.

The title process, real estate in particular, is very detail intensive and often involves a multitude of parties  in any given transaction. For example, in a real estate transaction there would be a buyer, seller, title insurer, title agent, lender for the buyer, lender for the seller and the local county recording office where the transaction is occurring.  All of these entities have to be paying attention during the transaction in order to get all of the information correct, so it’s really no wonder so many mistakes occur.  URSUS was founded to fix or as we say in the business “cure” these mistakes.

Ursus Advisors maintains offices throughout the United States and is headquartered in Arlington, Texas.

Title Curative

What is Title Curative?

Problems with the title to real estate are actually very common.  A simple Google search using the phrase “Real Estate Title Issues” will return enough articles, ads and commentary to convince you of the frequency.  We’ve heard some industry experts state that they estimated as much as 25% of the properties in the US have some sort of title issue (see We would argue that 25% of the properties in the US might have a small technical error, but the majority of those are not problematic enough for anyone to be concerned.  Based on our experiences, we would assert that maybe 7-10% of all properties warrant getting someone like us involved to fix the issue.  This is a less than scientific estimate and purely just based on our anecdotal observations, but given the 50,000 or so issues we’ve handled we think we’re in just as good a position as any to estimate the numbers.

Problems with the title to a property typically arise due to at least one the following:

  • Death of a party on title
  • Divorce of a party on title
  • Faulty paperwork during or after the closing of a transaction
  • Errors with the surveys on the property

These root issues can then cause further problems that only get worse with time.

There is an entire industry, the Title Insurance Industry, which does nothing but assess the risk of these types of issues and then issue insurance policies to guard against the risk that these issues might arise.  This is a bit of an over-simplification, but you can read more about Title Insurance in the following links:

Many times the Title Insurer will be the entity that fixes the problem or maybe even the local title agent where you closed your transaction.  Ultimately, if the problem is bad enough that the Title Company will not issue new insurance to a prospective buyer or lender on the property, then someone will need to fix the issue.  That’s where we come in, banks, credit unions, your neighbors (maybe trying to refinance their home and save some money), etc. retain us to fix the problem.

Have We Contacted You?

If you have received a call from us or a letter in the mail, then someone has hired us to cure or fix a title problem and we believe you can assist.  It may be your neighbor trying to sell or refinance their home, but the closing is being held up due to a title problem.  It could be that the house you thought you sold 10 years ago still shows you as the record owner because the closing documents got lost on the way to the county recorder’s office. You would be shocked how often this occurs and no that doesn’t mean you own the home, it just means you are clouding title to the property.

We know your time is valuable and we do not wish to inconvenience you. We will do whatever we have to do to make the process easy on you and without expense to you.

We understand the temptation to just simply refuse to help. We find that often times when a bank or financial institution retains us to fix a problem, then people will want to vent their frustrations about that particular bank or the financial crisis in general, then refuse to assist us.  We understand this frustration.  We are ordinary Americans (we don’t do any off-shoring so it is a fellow American trying to contact you) who have lived through the financial crisis as well.  The problem is that this temptation to not assist is not the best decision and let us explain why.  Typically (and let us emphasize the word typically as there are always exceptions), we are retained by a lender to fix a title issue, this is so the lender does not have to file an insurance claim with the Title Insurance Company.  If we can’t resolve the issue, then the lender will be forced to file a claim with the Title Insurance Company to recoup their loss. The Title Company will likely also try and fix the issue, but if they fail they almost always litigate the issue.  Nobody wants to litigate…you get summoned to Court, you are forced to produce reams of paperwork, you may have your deposition taken and you may be forced to retain a lawyer yourself.  It’s an ugly process to say the least, so it makes more sense to be open about our requests (or the title company’s request) and try to assist.  Now it could very well be that you completely disagree with our thoughts on the process, maybe you firmly believe you do own that house from 10 years ago, in that case we don’t blame you for not cooperating as we are only seeking to fix the problems that everyone agrees are problems.

We want you to be comfortable talking to us as we know the subject matter is confusing and let’s be honest, it’s also pretty boring.  We don’t expect you to be an expert (if you are we might have a job for you!) and want you to be 100% comfortable.  You may feel more comfortable talking with your own lawyer or representative and asking them to explain the matter.  We both encourage and welcome that participation and we are happy to interact with your representatives should you so desire.

Whatever you choose to do, please don’t ignore us. We are here to help someone (maybe your neighbor) fix a mistake and we all make mistakes. Besides, you never know when we might be calling to let you know you have some forgotten interest in a property that a relative left you in a will and our client wants to offer you cash for your interest. You would be surprised at the number of people we are trying to speak with right now who won’t return our calls and we have the authority to pay them hundreds or even thousands of dollars due to some title issue, but these individuals just won’t return our calls.

If you have further questions, check out our FAQ page for more specific questions that we tend to see on a daily or weekly basis. Or contact our customer service team directly at (800) 349-1254.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is URSUS and what does URSUS mean?

Answer: The name URSUS is the scientific classification for the bear. We are animal lovers and we felt the bear best represents our organization. We are a company that specializes in fixing title problems on behalf of our clients.

Question: Are you a collection agency?

Answer: As we describe above and on the other pages on this site, we are a company that specializes in fixing title problems.  We are not a collection agency and we will not ask you for any payments.  In fact, clients may authorize us to offer you an incentive (money) to assist us.

Question: Are you a law firm?

Answer: Although we have attorneys on staff and we work with many law firms, Ursus Advisors is not a law firm.

Question: Can I call your client to validate you are a legitimate company?

Answer: Absolutely, just ask your representative to provide you a number to call.

Question: Why is URSUS contacting me instead of the title company that I closed the loan with?

Answer: Often times that particular company may no longer be in business or changed ownership.  Additionally depending on the type of title problem, they may not be in a position to assist.  Many times we do work with your local title company in fixing the problem.

Question: I am with a new lender… so this has to be a scam.  The loan was service released.

Answer: Rest assured we are a legitimate company and not a scam. In the mortgage industry, when a mortgage is transferred to a new lender, the old lender is often still responsible for fixing the title problem if they knew about it.  The new lender will want this to occur as well because it is the prior lender who is paying for the resolution.

Question: Can URSUS arrange for a notary to come to my home or office so I don’t have to find one?

Answer: Yes, URSUS will make the necessary arrangements for notary services.

Question: Do I need to have my documents notarized?

Answer: When a notary is required, a Notary section will be indicated on the document(s) you are provided. URSUS will also advise you when a notary is required.

Question: Do I have to pay a Notary to notarize the documents?

Answer: No, you will not pay any notary costs out of pocket as URSUS will make the notary arrangements and coordinate payment of notary services directly with the notary.

Question: Can I be reimbursed for the overnight mail service I used to send the package back?

Answer: URSUS will provide prepaid overnight mail service envelopes and shipping labels to you so no out-of-pocket expense on your part is necessary.

Question: If I’m late on my mortgage payment, can URSUS help me get a loan modification?

Answer: URSUS only assists with curing title issues. Please contact your lender for more information on loan modification services.

Question: Will URSUS take my mortgage payment or is URSUS seeking a payment from me?

Answer: No, URSUS does not collect or seek mortgage payments. Please contact your lender directly for payment options.

Question: How long does it take your client to sign and documents?

Answer: The answer is usually less than 30 days, but some documents are very lengthy and extensive so they require a little more time, but usually not more than 30 days.

Question: Why is this issue just coming up with my loan documents?

Answer: Many lenders are undergoing audits of their portfolios and with millions of loans that process takes time.  As they find document deficiencies, they hire us to fix them.

Question: Do I need an attorney to handle this?

Answer: You are certainly welcome to consult an attorney and we are happy to discuss the situation with that attorney as well.  We find that the process is easier if another lawyer is involved to help explain the situation.

Question: How long does it take for documents to be recorded?

Answer: That varies greatly by county. Some counties take less than a week, others are many months behind.  If you are concerned about the timing of the recordation, please notify your URSUS representative and we can try to expedite the process or find a solution that helps you.

Question: Does signing documents obligate me to this loan?

Answer: That would greatly depend on what you are signing and your URSUS representative can better explain your particular circumstance. In most instances when we hear this question it is from a prior seller of the property and we need them to execute a new transfer deed as the original one is lost so there is a gap in the chain of title.  This does not obligate the prior seller on the new loan.

Question: What can happen to me if I do not sign?

Answer: That depends on the facts and circumstances of your individual file.  If we can’t convince you to help us then the lender will normally file an insurance claim with the title company who was involved with your loan closing.   Once an insurance claim is filed, then the clients have little control over what happens and most of the time the insurance company will retain a lawyer to initiate litigation on the issue.  The litigation is normally just an attempt to clear up the title problem and get an order from a Court clearing up the issue, but may require you to attend hearings or answer discovery requests.  Obviously, our clients do not want their consumers to go through this process so they hire us to try and avoid those circumstances.  Our clients would rather take a loss by paying us to fix the issue than have their consumers subject to possible litigation from the insurance companies.

Question: Can I make comments on your website?

Answer: We haven’t built that functionality yet, but you may send an email to   All comments (good or bad) are welcome and we take each one seriously. Please include your reference number in your email.

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